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arts axis llc founder and president Andrew Taylor writes a weblog on The Artful Manager explores both deep and fluffy issues surrounding arts and cultural management, marketing, and support.

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The Adjacent Possible
Posted on Tuesday February 27, 2018

So much of leadership, management, and change narrative is about “gap analysis.” The thinking goes that we achieve a desired future by describing a bold vision, defining our current location, mapping the gap between here and there, and then planning and adjusting our route at check-points along the way. This is what grant proposals and […]

Da Vinci’s BFF, the CPA
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2018

It’s common modern practice to consider art and commerce in opposition to each other, and artists and accountants as cartoonish polar opposites, as well. But it wasn’t always so. About 520 years ago, art and commerce, artist and accountant, lived with and learned from each other through the lives of Luca Pacioli and an up-and-comer […]

It’s complicated, or complex, or chaos, or…
Posted on Wednesday January 03, 2018

The idea of “best practices” has always driven me a bit nuts. The world is full of complexity and context and interconnections, I figured. How could any “one way” or “single process” across many instances be “best”? In fact, how could it be anything more than a delusion? Sure, there are “fruitful paths” that seem […]

Concept Test Kitchen, Episode 2
Posted on Friday November 17, 2017

The new episode of my “Concept Test Kitchen” explores the PAEI Code, a framework by Ichak Adizes to explore the four functions/concerns of management and their interplay and implications. Full details on this model are available in multiple places, but I’m drawing from the book Leading the Leaders, Adizes Institute, 2015. 

Sovereignty or service
Posted on Thursday October 12, 2017

We often talk about an organization having a mission, as if the organization exists as some separate entity with its own individual will. But increasingly I’m wondering if that attribution hasn’t always been upside-down. Organizations don’t have missions. Missions have organizations. And when change is necessary, it’s important to know which changes which. Of course, […]

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